The EESAC (Educational Excellence School Advisory Committee) is the sole body responsible for final decision-making at the school relating to the implementation of school improvement and accountability. The EESAC must assist in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP), must assist the principal in the development of the annual budget, must make decisions regarding the use of funds allocated by the Florida Legislature to the school advisory councils (known in Miami-Dade County Public Schools as School Advisory Councils), and, with staff, must decide on the use of School Recognition Funds awarded to the school.

  • Meetings for John I. Smith K-8 Center are held the second Wednesday of each month, at 2:20 p.m.
    • Provides a central location for school and non-school site data.
    • Available data includes: testing results, general school demographics, information about the school’s EESAC, accountability information, School Improvement Plan (SIP), Non-School Site Unit Plans, Performance Indicators and school related links.